July 27, 2022


By Joe Phua

Just want to share my thoughts behind this new venture that Joe & I have been working on for the past one year.

MDS was love & passion for fashion turned into a homegrown label & a business that we are ever so proud of. MDS is our baby & forever will be. We have grown together with our customers over the years & expanded our brand overseas.

As an entrepreneur, i strive to make new business idea work. After years of love, passion & expertise in the ultra-luxury market, i introduce to you - Orange Porter. Our second baby ♥️ A buy-sell-consign platform to carefully curate the best and most wanted luxury items. Embarking on this new venture was a very natural milestone. I believe fellow MDS customers are wearing MDS and would be interested in owning a timeless, investment handbag. As the curator for Orange Porter, my job is to handpick, authenticate and roundup a most-wanted collection on certain Thursdays at a limited time period.

I invite you to join us on our curated journey of luxury finds. Our first drop will be this coming Thurs, 4th Aug at 8pm on orangeporter.com. See you on the other side.